How to enable YouTube’s new Dark Theme

Google has just released an update to its YouTube app for Android which finally includes the long-awaited Dark Theme. Google first released the YouTube Dark theme for its website last year, but Android users have felt left out for a while since iOS users were treated to the new Dark Theme feature a few months back. The new Dark Theme for YouTube is included in the 13.35 version of the YouTube app which is currently being pushed out across the globe. If you haven’t received the official update yet, you can install it manually by sideloading the signed YouTube 13.35 APK from APK Mirror. 
If you’re tired of being blinded by YouTube’s stark white UI when watching YouTube clips at night, follow the instructions below to enable the Dark Theme within YouTube.
Enable YouTube Dark Theme from prompt

Install the latest YouTube update for Android
Open the YouTube app
You will be prompted to enable YouTube’s new Dark Theme

Manually enable YouTube Dark Theme in settings
If you decide not to enable YouTube’s new Dark Theme when prompted the first time you opened the app after installing the update, follow the instructions below/

Install the latest YouTube update for Android
Open the YouTube app
Tap your profile picture in the top right corner > Settings > General
Select the Dark Theme toggle (second setting from the top)


Samsung confirms foldable smartphone to be unveiled this year

The long-awaited foldable smartphone with a bendable display from Samsung may finally be right around the corner. DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s mobile division revealed to CNBC that the company will be showing off the new device at the Samsung Developers Conference in November. DJ Koh said that it’s “it’s time to deliver” on the device that’s been rumored for more than two years — often referred to as the Samsung Galaxy X. 
Not many details were given regarding the phone’s design, but DJ KoH emphasized that the experience offered by Samsung’s foldable smartphone would be different than a tablet when the device is unfolded. KoH also mentioned that users would be able to use most of the phone’s feature when the device is in its “foldable status.”

“You can use most of the uses … on foldable status. But when you need to browse or see something, then you may need to unfold it. But even unfolded, what kind of benefit does that give compared to the tablet? If the unfolded experience is the same as the tablet, why would they (consumers) buy it?.”
“So every device, every feature, every innovation should have a meaningful message to our end customer. So when the end customer uses it, (they think) ‘wow, this is the reason Samsung made it’.”
Unfortunately, DJ KoH did not say when the device will be available for purchase. Samsung has been playing around with the foldable smartphone concept for years and we actually saw working prototypes of Lenovo’s take on a foldable smartphone at Lenovo World back in 2016. Reports surfaced back in January that the foldable Samsung Galaxy X was shown off at CES behind closed doors and that Samsung Galaxy X mass production would start in November. These rumors align with the new report from CNBC, suggesting that the retail launch of the Samsung Galaxy X may finally be set for Q1 of 2019.
Are you ready to embrace the foldable smartphone future?

DEAL: Import the Pocophone F1 for only $349

The newly-released Pocophone F1 is one of the most exciting smartphones we’ve seen in a few years. The device isn’t going to be winning any design awards any time soon, but the phone does take the prize for offering the best value in the flagship smartphone segment. The phone’s spec sheet matches that of the OnePlus 6, but its $349 price point is 33% cheaper than OnePlus’ latest offering. The only downside is that Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 is officially only available in five markets across Asia (India, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia) and two markets in Europe (France and Italy).
Fortunately, GearBest has the Pocophone F1 in stock for $349 and is willing to ship the device anywhere in the world. For that price, you’ll get the base model of the Pocophone F1 with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. If you need more storage, the 128GB Pocophone F1 will set you back $385 which is still an incredible deal considering that the base model in Europe is going for €329 (roughly $385). 
We’re not sure how long GearBest’s prices or inventory of the Pocophone F1 will last, but we suggest acting fast if you had your eye on the new device. OnePlus may have been the original “flagship killer,” but Xiaomi’s new Pocophone F1 is by far the best budget-friendly flagship device of 2018.
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Google’s notch-less Pixel 3 poses for the camera, Verizon exclusivity now in doubt

With all the Pixel 3 XL leaks that have been floating around recently, it was inevitable that the smaller Pixel 3 would break cover eventually. Images of the Pixel 3 made an appearance on Reddit, showing off the phone from a few different angles, along with screenshots showing some of the phone’s specifications.
The design of the Pixel 3 is pretty much identical to the larger Pixel 3 XL — save for its notch-less 5.5-inch display. While we’re not here to debate the merits of the notch, we have to say that the front of the Pixel 3 looks a lot less distracting than the Pixel 3 XL does.
When it comes to the phone’s specs, the leak confirms that the phone comes equipped with a 2,915mAh battery, 8MP dual front-facing cameras, and a 5.5-inch 2160 x 1080 display with HDR support. Based on previous rumors, the Pixel 3 is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

The last piece of information to accompany the leak is likely the most interesting. Rumors have claimed that the Pixel 3 and 3 XL would be exclusive to Verizon, but the source of the images claims that the device in question is a carrier test unit for a different service provider. The name of the specific service provider was not disclosed, but at least now there’s a chance that Google’s upcoming flagship devices will have a chance to reach a wider audience — at least here in the US.
[Reddit via 9to5Google]