Xiaomi halted the Mi A3's Android 10 update due to bugs (Updated)

You’re going to have to wait even longer

Update 1: 2020/03/03 3:21am PST

Update halted

You would think that Android One phones are usually among the first to get new OS releases, but many Nokia devices and the Xiaomi Mi A3 prove this wrong, as a lot of them still run Android 9 to this day. That’s bound to change for the Mi A3, though, as Xiaomi has started to roll out Android 10 to the handset.

The 1.3GB download brings all the goodies from the new OS to the table: You’ll be able to use the system-wide dark theme and switch to the fully gestural navigation, and you can protect your privacy and increase your battery life thanks to more granular control over location permissions. Read MoreXiaomi halted the Mi A3’s Android 10 update due to bugs (Updated) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.