The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could have curves for dayz

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10 around August this year and we’re expecting there to also be a Note 10 Pro, as well as an accompanying 5G model of each. While the Note series typically follows a similar design inspiration from the Galaxy S device launched earlier in the year, Samsung could be looking to mix things up with the Note 10 this year according to a new leak.
The Galaxy S10 introduced a brand new design that saw the Infinity-O display reduce the bezels of the device and introduce a hole-punch in the top right of the device to house the front-facing camera. The design has been met with mixed reviews but is the company’s answer to the notch. Samsung could be looking to change the design even further this year with the Note 10.

Whether you like curved display or not, it’s still the flagship phone logo, especially in the second half of the year, you’ll see a very superb curved design, a more aggressive curved display than Note7 will appear, and more than one brand will do so.😎
— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) April 30, 2019

According to the tweet above, which comes from a source that has a good track history of being familiar with Samsung’s movements, the Note 10 could take the curved design seen on the S10 that has been a signature of the Galaxy flagships for years a step further and feature even more prominent curvature.
The curved edge of the display was first introduced with the Galaxy Edge and has since been made the standard, albeit with a reduced curve. If the tweet is to be believed, the Note 10 could be going back to its roots and be the curviest display we’ve seen yet.
Via: BGR

Huawei poised to launch a phone with a hole in the screen instead of a notch

Display notches are, to put it kindly, an inelegant solution to a vexing design problem. How can you get as much screen as possible in a phone while still offering a front-facing camera? Most OEMs are going to notch route, but Huawei is about to try something different: a hole. Huawei is teasing a device believed to be the Nova 4, which could beat Samsung’s hole-punch phone to market.

So far, the device has appeared in a promo image as well as part of a live Chinese web broadcast. Read MoreHuawei poised to launch a phone with a hole in the screen instead of a notch was written by the awesome team at Android Police.