Inbox is about to die, and Google still hasn't brought its best feature to Gmail

As some of us are painfully aware, Inbox is set to die next Tuesday, April 2nd. Google has been pushing Inbox users back to Gmail since the original announcement last September. Initially, that transition was eased with promises that Gmail would eventually inherit Inbox’s bundling, the email client’s most useful feature. Six months later, a mere week before Inbox’s euthanasia, Gmail still doesn’t have bundles.

I’ve already made the painful transition back to a less-smart email client, perverting Gmail’s existing and unmodifiable category system to approximate a bastardized version of bundles. Read MoreInbox is about to die, and Google still hasn’t brought its best feature to Gmail was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Gmail v8.10 may hint at adding Inbox's standard and travel bundles [APK Teardown]

The latest update to Inbox only served to rub some salt in the wound as it was prepared for its impending demise, but maybe clues from the latest Gmail update will provide some solace. There aren’t any changes jumping out after installing, but some hints inside the app to point to early implementations for some of the features people love from Inbox.

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